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Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

A Sample of Available Jewelry...

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A Sample of Angelique's Work...

A Sample of Suzanne's  Work...

Artists statement

Suzanne And Angelique Juneau


As a mother - daughter artist team we each make jewelry using our own designs. We use a variety of metals including bronze, sterling silver, copper, nickel silver, and stainless steel to create jewelry. Setting semi-precious stones into pieces and adding a resin enamel creates visual interest in many of our unique pieces.


Oxygen - acetylene torches, plasma cutters, vibratory tumblers, rolling mills, etc are used in the production of our jewelry as well as the usual hand tools. We are tool collectors, always searching for new methods to carry out our ideas.


Each piece is individual, following natural themes. Our work reflects our everyday experiences and passions.

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