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Stephen Palmer

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Artist Statement

Steve was born in Berkeley, California and raised by a poet and a painter, so it was in his blood to become an artist. One of Steve's earliest memories is being with his mom while she painted by the ocean, using their car as an easel.


Even though, over the years he has worked in a variety of materials, Steve came back to the ocean in the form of humorous mixed media fish. Most fish start with a vintage crutch or paddle, are given a tail, fins and teeth, filled with antique items and found objects, before being wired.


Because Steve was an educator he hopes people will see the connection between his use of things that might otherwise be discarded and the pollution of our waterways. An annual percentage of the sale of Steve's fish helps support environmental groups.





Professionally, Steve earned a B.A., M.A. and Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He was a teacher and school administrator. As he went to school and alongside his work, Steve continued to evolve as an artist.


Early in Steve’s artistic career, Steve worked in pottery, batik and photography before settling on glass. A few years ago he began working on mixed media sculptures, making ‘fish.’ His first fish included saw blades for a mouth and screwdrivers for a fin. It won $1000 and third place in the 2011 Michigan Fine Arts Competition. Since then his fish have been in many shows and won other prizes. They have continued to evolve and to make their way into many homes and galleries.


These sculptures can now be seen in about forty galleries and in a select number of gallery shows and art fairs.

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