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Renee Melito

New Works by Renee...
White Vase Flowy.jpg
Blue Vase with Flowers.jpg
Dragonfly Bowl.jpg
Dragonfly Bowl1.jpg
White Boat.jpg
Pot with Lid.jpg
Pot with Lid1.jpg
Pot with Lid2.jpg
Twisted Vase.jpg
Blue Vase  .jpg
Boat with Flower.jpg
White Bowl with Flowers.jpg
Flower Plate.jpg

Artist Statement:


 Making pottery is something I will always enjoy.  There is no end to what is possible.  Seeing something in nature, wondering how I can incorporate that into a piece of pottery keeps me excited about my craft.   All someone has to do is suggest an idea.  Then I am wondering, then I am figuring out how and first thing you know I have a piece of clay in my hands.  The

accomplishment of that  is what keeps me looking forward to the next project.


  I hope you will enjoy the pieces included in this show, they have all started with a challenge........Renee

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