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My inspiration is without a doubt the simplicity of modern architecture. Throughout my work life I have had to incorporate my art into my way of making a living, this evolves in my collaboration with several local designers.

  I am deeply influenced by nature, my every day observations of my surroundings give me the calm and tranquility I need to let my inspiration flow.

Curved and geometric shapes, clean lines and abstract designs are common in all of my sculptures.   I often work in three dimensions; the combination of various techniques and tools is the beginning of the creation of unique sculpture.

 I am thrilled when a simple metal becomes a piece of art, whether it is a silly whimsical sculpture that makes you laugh or one that has a story to tell. I don’t recall ever creating a piece of art about a specific subject or theme; I am constantly drawing and most of the times those drawings never leave the sketchbook one by one but on the contrary only some drawings fusion and become one unique piece and at that time it is all done in my mind not in the sketchbook. Once I start to work on the metal there is no room for drawings, that is why is very difficult for me to explain any of my art pieces.

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