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Hector Ferral and Charlie Matz

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Hector Ferral & Charles Matz


       Hector Ferral

A physician by training, Hector Ferral is a prominent interventional radiologist. His passion for glass blowing started approximately 10 years ago when his then 14 year-old son Emilio insisted in taking some glass blowing lessons. They had their first beginner’s course under the tutelage of Ian Duncan and Pearl Dick at the Chicago Hot Glass Studio in early 2010.


Hector took a beginner’s 1-week course at the Abate Zanetti glass blowing school in Murano, under maestro Giancarlo Signoretto. He then took private lessons with Ian Duncan until 2014. He continued glass blowing at Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago under Ben Tullman.


Hector started glass blowing lessons under Charlie Matz in 2016. Their glass blowing work is the core of the present show. This is their first show in a Gallery.


       Charles (Charlie) Matz


Charles Matz (b. 1994) is an artist and teacher at Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago, IL. Charlie has been studying and practicing the intricacies of flameworked and furnace blown glass since 2013, and has assisted world renowned artists like Davide Salvadore and Nancy Callan.


He began working with glass as a photography student at Columbia College Chicago, combining numerous old world and modern photographic techniques with the medium to create abstractions and fine photo prints.


The glass art he has created in collaboration with friend and student Hector Ferral represents an exploration of the centuries old Venetian pattern making technique called murine.

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