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Frannie Kronenberg

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Artist's Statement

Making art is my playful escape. I love getting lost in the creative process. When I am painting, I completely let go of the day’s routine and all that goes with it. Art-making is my mindfulness. It is my calm. It is my joy.

So much in my professional life follows the Donabedian dictum of "structure-process-outcome" whereas art-making reverses that order, with process first and with the constant right brain-left brain tension as I try to resist too much structure. Sometimes it’s more about what I remove from a canvas than what I add. I accomplish this by layering color, texture, line and shape, and then by removing them in areas to see what is revealed. I use acrylic paint for its vivid color and love to incorporate collage, oil pastels and textural mediums in my work.

Throughout my life I’ve been drawn to the interplay of colors and textures in my environment and in art. It is this interplay—its richness, vivacity, & sensuality—that captivates me and energizes me. I am inspired by the power of color as it affects our experience of life. My bright palette is as much of a reflection of who I am, as it is a declaration of all that I love.



When not painting, I work as a Primary Care Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and Medical Director at Partners HealthCare System in the Center for Population Health. I am a graduate of Brown University, where I majored in Art History, and of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. I hold a Masters in Health Care Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. New Orleans was my home from 2004 through 2014; it was where my creative spirit was kindled and I was inspired to start painting. NOLA will always be my artistic home!

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