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Chester Allen

"Award-winning nationally renowned metalsmith and jewelry artist Chester Allen is a cornerstone of our fine art and craft gallery. In his 30 years of work you will find meaning and purpose like no other."

Chester, who was trained as a classical pianist has many pieces informed by his musical background

Chester has an extensive line of work for men and ladies...

Having made New Orleans his home for 20 years, he has a unique sensibility that he expresses. His signature series that reflects this is called Neutral Ground is Higher Ground. Neutral Ground is a physical boundary that brings us together. It’s where you get the Jazz, The Gumbo, The good stuff!"

Chester has installed his art work he calls his “Oasis of Energy” at shows around the country from New York to Arizona. He has recently been awarded “Best in Show” at our prestigious New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017.

Come and connect with him through our gallery or online today!

Here are some of the other outstanding works of art you can take home...

DNA Choker on a Black Dress.jpg
Chester’s newest series  Chesterisms will be featured this coming December Come meet the artist on Saturday December 2nd 6-9pm for a special showing of this, “Philosopher with a Ball-peen hammer!
Questions?  Ready to order?  Contact Chester for either or for a one on one appointment:
(504) 439-1623

These thoughts and images are dispirit energy streams that lay the transitional foundation for the estuary that is me…In Joy!


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