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current exhibit

June and July 2024 exhibit

Opening Reception for exhibit~ 
Saturday, June 1st, 5-8 pm


Sergio Alvarez - New Paintings
Brandi Couvillion- Jewelry
Juli Juneau- Glass
Alexandra Anderson Bower- New Paintings


Mon-Tues- 9:-30-4
Wed-  By appointment
Thurs-Sat  9:30-4
Sun-  9:30-1:30



current exhibit

IMG_7987 (1).jpg
IMG_2622 (1).jpg
AABowerStatuswithMonstera-SocialMedia (1).jpeg

Sergio Alvarez- "The Walk Home", acrylic 30 x 40

Alexandra Anderson Bower "Status with Monstera",
Modern decoupage on canvas, 30 x 20


Juli Juneau- Emerald Coast Bowl

9 Mississippi River cairotogulf 1863.jpg

Brandi Couvillion- Mississippi River silver cuff


Juli Juneau- Dream in Blue Impressionism Vase

Sergio Alvarez "Flowers in Blue Vase", acrylic on canvas

aabower Golden Nest - Social Media.jpeg

Alexandra Anderson Bower "Golden Nest"
Modern decoupage on canvas, 38 x 38

11 Storyville collar  with inspiration.jpg

Brandi Couvillion- Storeyville Collar with Inspiration

White Linen Night 2023 ~

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